SM Producer Stands With Fans For Zayn KAI Collab

There is no limit to fans’ desires. They keep putting their desires on social media with the hopes that their stars might notice them. Same is happening with EXO’s KAI and Zayn Malik’s fans. They want a Zayn×KAI.

Recently, fans of both the singers started a collaborative streaming project for Zayn’s new album, ‘Nobody is Listening,’ and Kai’s debut mini-album, ‘KAI.’ A lot of KAI and Zayn’s listeners took part, and as expected, soon Zayn×KAI started trending. Fans showed a sky level desire for the idols to collaborate.

A fan made post showing Zayn listening to KAI and loving it caught the attention of an SM producer. Thinking of the post to be real, he shared it on Instagram, tagging Zayn Malik. He then later deleted the story but the fans didn’t skip this exciting moment. Screenshots of the story soon started circulating.

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