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BTS’ BE Tracklist: Find Out Which Track Is Which Member’s Handwritten One

After the highly successful full English language single, Dynamite, BTS is making its comeback with a full studio album at the end of this month. The album is titled as BE.

BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment released the tracklist of their upcoming album BE. There is something unique with the way tracks’ names are written. All the names of the upcoming songs of the album are written with hands by the members.

Big Hit Entertainment took to Twitter to drop the tracklist. The list consists of eight tracks. Although the agency didn’t mention who penned which track, ARMY has already figured out by comparing their handwritten materials.

Let’s check out who wrote which track:

Track#1- Life Goes On

According to the fans’ guesses and predictions, Life Goes On is penned by RM as his English writing looks similar to the writing in other handwritten notes and letters.

Track#2- 내방을 여행하는법 (Fly To My Room)

The ARMY believes that this track is written by Jungkook or Jimin. It is not confirmed that the writing is of either Jimin’s or Jungkook’s but fans are assuming that it can be one of the two singer’s handwriting.

Track#3- Blue & Grey

As per fans’ predictions, Blue & Grey may be written by Suga or V as their handwritings look similar.

Track#4- Skit

Skit has three main options. There are possibilities that it may be written by Jin or RM or Jimin.

Track#5- 잠시

After many comparisons, ARMY assumes that it is written by Jin.

Track#6- 병

As the handwriting looks similar to track 5, fans believe that again Jin is behind this.

Track#7- Stay

Comparing with the previous tracks, here ARMY is again assuming that this track is of RM’s handwritten one.

The release of the tracklist has brought a different level of excitement to the fans. BE will release on November 20, 2020.



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