Korean Government Report Reveals The Most Popular K-Dramas In The World

The South Korean government issued a report revealing the most popular Korean dramas in the world.

The South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange held an international online survey from September 24 to November 4, 2020. In the survey, the global fans of about 18 countries were asked about Korean culture and were given options to select their favourite actors, singers, dramas, etc.

On January 28, 2021, the survey results were officially announced. ‘Crash Landing On You’ was favoured by most of the respondents. 9.5% of the participants chose ‘Crash Landing On You‘ as their favourite Korean drama. ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ came second with 4.1% of the netizens favouring it. ‘The World of the Married’ and ‘Itaewon Class’ were both favoured by 2.8% of the respondents. They were followed by ‘Kingdom’ with 2.5%.

To find the most famous Korean actors, according to the survey, click here.

To find the most famous Korean singers, according to the survey, click here.

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