Find Out Elle Japan’s Pick For The Most Fashionable BTS Member

BTS members are always making headlines for their fashion choices. They are mostly captured trying out top brands’ clothes, shoes, and other products. It’s always hard to pick the most fashionable member as none of them fits into the inferior category for their fashion.

Well, Elle Japan has figured out who is the most fashionable member of BTS. Elle Japan is the Japanese version of one of the most famous worldwide fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment magazine ‘Elle.’ According to Elle Japan, Jimin is the most fashionable member of the group.

Elle Japan released an article referring Jimin as the “Fashionable School Gang Leader of BTS.” Jimin is one of the lead vocalists, singers, and dancers of BTS. The article mentioned Jimin’s amazing looks in any outfit and his selection of brands. He has promoted some of the world’s most popular fashion brands such as ‘Chanel,’ ‘Dior,’ ‘Celine,’ etc.

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