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Korean Fashion: Here’s Why Overcoats & Long Padded Coats Are Becoming So Popular In Korean Culture

The winter of 2020 is here. The extreme chilly season brings a drastic change in people’s lifestyles. Their way of clothing, eating and working switch to a different mode to meet up the current lifestyle trends.

The major change can be experienced in the way people dress during winters. Every winter introduces new fashion trends and there are some unique trends which are in operation since ages. Leather jackets, coats, sweater dresses and leather shoes create amazing new fashion trends every season. Famous fashion brands launch their new winter collections every year.

South Korean fashion trends are becoming popular around the world. Thanks to South Korean drama and film industry, people around the world are going crazy over the dressing senses of their favourite celebrities. Whether it’s summer, winter or any other season, the streets of Seoul are always lit with happy people displaying their fashion tastes. People who watch Korean dramas already know who beautiful the people of Korea dress.

Winters become extremely cold in capital city, Seoul. It snows as well. Koreans put on their winter clothes which consists of heavy jackets, coats and boots before stepping out of their homes.

For the past couple of years, overcoats and long padded coats have become extremely popular in South Korea during winter. According to a survey, about 80 out of 100 people wear overcoat or long padded coats in Seoul during winter. It has become very trendy. Foreigners in Seoul keep wondering why most of the Koreans are obsessed with padded coats.

The long padded coats are mostly popular amongst high school and college students. Parents buy their kids these coats as gifts. These stuff are in such high demand that in winters they go out of stock. People mostly pre-order them before the peak of the winter in Seoul. Seeing most of the people wearing these coats, a new sentiment has born among students that this is a ‘must have’ item. Due to their high prices, buying these stuff can be sometimes burdensome to some of the parents.

Because of the increase in demand, the price of these long coats is very high. In most of the cases, they cost around $300 to 450. There are some brands whose coats are even priced more than $500. Black padded coats are very trendy. Koreans love slaying in black during winter. Students are also very fond of black colour. So, black coloured padded coats are a little more expensive.

Not everyone is crazy for this trend. There are people who prefer other type of winter wears. There are people who don’t like to copy others so they stay away from such common trends. There are some people who like such trends but they can’t afford to avail them.

The entertainment industry is one of the reasons that such fashion trends take over the mentality of people. It has created a huge celebrity trend where regular people try to copy whatever the celebrities are doing. Same is the case with overcoat and long padded coats. Dramas shot in winter feature characters slaying in amazing wardrobes which include branded jackets and coats. The fashion line promoted in the dramas isn’t only popular in Korea but all around Asia.

Now the question is, for how long will this trend last. In today’s area things get out of fashion so quickly. Most of the Koreans believe it won’t last for more than three or four years. Again wearing of these topwears depends on individuals’ mentality. It doesn’t mean that all the people will stop wearing long padded coats once it goes out of fashion. People who don’t care about every day fashion trends or who still keep liking them will wear them.



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