How Lee Min Ho Struggles To Wake Up Early In The Morning In Real Life; Watch The Video

Lee Min Ho is back on YouTube with another video. This time the video has more of a personal touch which presents how Lee Min Ho struggles to wake up very early in the morning in real life.

The previous video, ‘Last Autumn’ showed the actor enjoying the different shades of Autumn with Choco(his pet dog) in the woodland. The new video titled as ‘Last Autumn # MK Ver1’ reveals behind-the-scenes of the previous video and shows what took them to shoot that amazing video.

The new video shows how Lee Min Ho struggles to wake up very early. You will also notice Lee Min Ho’s cute reaction after being awakened. The video begins with sub-director and DOP appearing in Lee Min Ho’s room to wake him up. Lee Min Ho seems to be sleep-deprived and wants to sleep more. The people behind the camera do their best to wake him up. Lee Min Ho finally gives in with his sleep and sits down on the bed. The crew teases him by asking him about his day’s plans. Just like anyone, Lee Min Ho seems to be confused after being awakened abruptly. He continuously mumbles and the person behind the camera laughs hard at him.

When Lee Min Ho is informed that the director has already left for the location, he becomes serious and tells them that he will wash up. Lee Min Ho gets ready and goes for taking Choco. The video shows him reuniting with Choco after three days. The video then shows him playing with Choco in the car while driving to the location. The main highlight of the video is Choco who is so lucky to have an owner like Lee Min Ho.

In the video, we can see the team filming for the ‘Last Autumn’. The video also shows Lee Min Ho having breakfast with the team. The video ends with Lee Min Ho enjoying with Choco in the beautiful woodland.

Watch the video below:

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