Lee Min Ho Makes Donations To 3 Organizations To Help End Child Abuse

As per reports, actor Lee Min Ho has made donations to several organizations to protect the vulnerable children.

On December 28, Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment donated 50 million won (about $46,000) through the donation platform PROMIZ to three specialized child protection organizations, Holt Children’s Services Inc, Good Neighbors International, and Save the Children. These agencies are working to protect children from abuse and give special assistance to the abused children.

According to PROMIZ, Lee Min Ho’s donations will be spent on various projects that will aim at providing psychological counseling to victims of child abuse and improve their mental status.

During the early days of COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea, Lee Min Ho donated 300 million won (about $276,000) to help the healthcare workers to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Lee Min Ho has been signed for an Apple TV+ upcoming series titled ‘Pachinko.’ ‘Pachinko’ is based on Min Jin Lee’s best-selling novel of the same name. It tells the story of a family that immigrates to Japan and in their journey of survival, the family members become the victim of racism and other issues. Lee Min Ho will play the character of Hansu, a powerful merchant who has connection to ‘organized crime.’

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