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What Lee Min Ho Likes To Eat In Dinner While Travelling On Plane?

Lee Min Ho gave a sneak peek of his dinner table while travelling on plane!

“The King: Eternal Monarch” actor never misses a chance to update his fans about his daily life on social media whenever he is off work. Lee Min Ho is one of the active social media users who feels great to stay connected with his fans.

As many of you might not know, Lee Min Ho has an official YouTube channel titled ‘leeminho film.’ He often shares unique short clips about his daily life routines.

On December 1, Lee Min Ho uploaded a video with the title ‘LA California EP:1.’ The video shows him travelling to Los Angeles. The video starts with him travelling to airport, and then sitting in a business or first class seat. He is accompanied with some of his friends, and they keep pulling each other’s leg throughout the video.

What caught our attention was his so balanced dinner inside the plane. It shows his firm commitment of sticking to a proper diet. The table placed every essential food necessary for a healthy life.

The video ends with him returning to Los Angeles and finding his way to the hotel room.

Watch the video below:

Lee Min Ho will return next year with Apple TV+ series titled ‘Pachinko‘. ‘Pachinko’ is based on Min Jin Lee’s best-selling novel of the same name. It tells the story of a family that immigrates to Japan and in their journey of survival, the family members become the victim of racism and other issues. Lee Min Ho will play the character of Hansu, a powerful merchant who has connection to ‘organized crime’.



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