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Uncomfortable Moments For Korean Female Idols For Wearing Revealing Dresses

Short outfits are very common among the Korean female idols. They are seen wearing short skirts in events, concerts and music videos. Stylists mainly prefer shorts for the idols for almost all type of performances.

Though wearing of short outfits has become a trademark, many of the celebrities still feel uncomfortable while performing in them. We have witnessed a lot of female idols concerned about their dresses during live performances.

Let’s find out about the uncomfortable moments for the Korean female idols for wearing too revealing outfits:


MOMOLAND’s Nancy has been filmed wearing crop tops and tight shorts on various occasions. The shorts have been too tight that she was noticed adjusting them during performances.

Although all of the MOMOLAND members wear tight shorts, Nancy’s way too revealing dressing had sometimes angered the fans as until recently, she was still a minor.

Red Velvet’s Irene:

Red Velvet’s Irene has also been in fans’ discussion for wearing revealing short outfits. She was also filmed adjusting and tugging her sweater dress to keep viewers’ eyes away from seeing what she didn’t want to show in 2017 Golden Disk Awards.

Irene was certainly noticed being uncomfortable in that outfit. Fans were angry at the stylist for choosing such an inconvenience dress for their idol.


Yeonwoo is a former MOMOLAND member. She was also noticed struggling to adjust her tight short during a performance. It was obvious that she felt uncomfortable in that outfit.

Fans believe that it is better wearing outfits that make you feel comfortable and as well as look good.


Lisa is a Thai rapper, singer and dancer based in South Kore. She is one of the fourth members of BLACKPINK and is also the best dancer in BLACKPINK.

Lisa is a fan of shorts. Lisa was also once noticed uncomfortable in a short outfit. At 2017 Seoul Music Awards, she sported an amazing outfit and fans were stunned how beautiful she looked in that outfit. The outfit was very short and Lisa felt a little discomfort while walking.



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