Wondering What The Tattoos Mean On Jungkook’s Arm? Find The Meanings Here

BTS’ Jungkook just surprised the ARMY with brand new tattoos on his arm.

On the latest episode of ‘Run BTS,’ Jungkook showed his tattoos, which made the fans go crazy. Snaps with his tattooed hand started circulating on the internet. Since then, fans are coming with different theories about the meaning behind those tattoos.

One of the fans almost guessed the meanings accurately. According to the user, ‘ARMY’ written on his knuckles represents the fandom. The purple heart means he adores the ARMY very much. The shield icon represents the official BTS logo, and the letter J on his fourth finger possible means Jungkook or it can have other meanings.

Going further, the fan added the tiger tattoo represents the Korean peninsula while the tiger flower tattoo represents his birth flower. The lines ‘RATHER BE DEAD THAN COOL, MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES‘ tattooed on his arm represent boldness.

Are you a fan of tattoos, and what’s your reaction to Jungkook’s tattoos? Let us know in the comment section below!

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