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BTS’ Jungkook’s ISFP-A MBTI Personality Type: Find Out How It Describes The K-Pop Idol

BTS’ Jungkook surprised fans with a Weverse post, revealing his new MBTI personality type!

Jungkook’s new personality type test revealed that he has a type ISFP-A personality now.

ISFP-A refers to the “Adventurer” type in English or the “Curious Artist” type in Korean.

Jungkook first took the test in 2017 which confirmed his personality to be INFP. Within a span of three years, his personality type changed to ISFP-A.

ISFP-As are referred as charming, creative and emotional. They are empathetic and are sensitive to other people’s emotions. They are termed as “true artists”.

Fans have noticed all these traits in Jungkook. No one can match his charm as he is considered the Michael Jackson of Korea. He’s a little introverted and empathetic to people around him.

When it comes to creativity and aesthetic sense, Jungkook stands tall among all. He loves creating his own art designs. He often posts his drawings on Weverse.

What it would be like to date Jungkook according to his ISFP-A personality:

People with ISFP-A type personality are more caring to other people than themselves. They are loyal and spend more time with their partners.

Dating Jungkook will open up a lot of ways to stay happy as ISFP-As are creative and won’t let you get bored or unhappy.

People like Jungkook are introverted. They keep a lot of secrets and open up only to very few special ones. ISFP-As are very sensitive to other people’s words and criticism. Jungkook obviously needs someone who’s always there to cheer him up.

Jungkook has mentioned many times that he wants to live a ideal and simple love life. When he finds his soulmate, he will spend his whole life with that special person. He also added that his favourite dating places would be beaches.

Dating Jungkook is easy until you fully understand his personality. No one keeps a track of his relationship status. According to media reports, he’s single.

In the latest “My Biography” interview for Volume 8 of Japan’s  FC magazine, Jungkook revealed that he was anti-social during his early days as a trainee.

Jungkook mentioned that things started to get better when sixth member V joined them. He further added that V has a nature similar to his and they soon became good friends. V helped Jungkook get rid of his shyness.

BTS’ online concert, BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, took place on October 10 and 11. The livestream concerts drew nearly one million viewers from 191 different regions around the world. Jungkook was one of the most looked after members during the entire online concert.

BTS performed on various songs from their most recent album, Map of the Soul: 7 and also their recent full English language single, Dynamite which topped Billboard’s Hot 100 charts for two consecutive weeks.

It was really a joyful ride for all the BTS fans who were a part of it. After the last performance of the final day, all the members thanked the ARMY for taking part and for believing in them.

BTS’ recent full English language single, Dynamitewas a massive success. Dynamite topped Billboard’s Hot 100 for two weeks. BTS created record to become the first Korean group to top Billboard’s Hot 100 music charts.

Jungkook is preparing with his group members for the release of their new full album, BE. BE will release on Sunday, November 28, 2020.



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