Jungkook Proves Yet Again He’s The Trend Master; Fans Can’t Stop Gushing About His Long Hair

Jungkook is back yet again with a new hairstyle!

On January 26, BTS released the teaser for their ‘2021 BTS Winter Package.’ The preview shows the seven members spending time together in various locations and their immensely popular single ‘Dynamite’ plays in the background.

Screenshots of the members soon started circulating on the internet, which gave fans new ideas to talk about their idols. Among all the members’ looks, fans found Jungkook’s one unique due to his long hair. ‘JUNGKOOK’s HAIR’ began trending on Twitter. The length of Jungkook’s hair left a lot of fans surprised as they couldn’t believe Jungkook would let his hair grow this big while others found his hairstyle hot and classy.

As some of you might remember, a couple of months ago when RM interviewed Jungkook about his plans for new hairstyles, Jungkook added: “I am letting my hair to grow now. Because right now, it’s kind of in-between. I want to let it grow and style it from there.” We hope to witness new styling of his long hair in the coming days.

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