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iPhone 12 Mini Review: What Swayed Apple To Go This Mini?

Apple just included another iPhone to its yearly lineup, The iPhone 12 Mini which is a tiny performance powerhouse that Apple has ever made. It’s the least costliest iPhone in this year’s lineup.

Why iPhone 12 Mini!

Given the immense success of iPhone XR and iPhone 11, Apple couldn’t resist but went with a more cheaper high end smartphone to gain more users and provide the typical iPhone experience at a low price range. iPhone XR and iPhone 11 were the most sold iPhones models for their respective years. Apple is eyeing for a similar result for this year’s iPhone Mini. iPhone 12 Mini starts at $699. It is worth the amount, for you get the flagship experience in this non-flagship price range, plus Apple hasn’t compromised in the performance level. It has got the latest Apple silicon chip, The A14 Bionic and has inbuilt 5G feature. It comes with all the flagship specs.

iPhone 12 Mini Vs iPhone 12:

As described by Apple, the 12 Mini is same as the 12 but with a smaller size. It has the same design, same cameras, same software specs, same performance as the iPhone 12 but comes with a smaller size overall. It’s just the shrunken down iPhone 12.

Size Matters!

Smaller size means a smaller battery. This iPhone 12 Mini has a battery life not worst but manageable. You can kill the battery in less than a day if you go on with heavy tasking such as gaming, navigation and doing a lot of stuff. Other than that, the battery is still manageable if you don’t go on doing fancy stuff. It’s obvious that people will not buy the Mini for its battery performance or they may not even buy it for doing heavy stuff. It’s just a phone with the most decent size and weight, a phone which can be a perfect match for you. Again, a smaller size means less room for speakers. The Mini has smaller speakers and smaller overall speaker grills but that doesn’t lower the standard of sound quality. The sound quality is unnoticeable as compared to iPhone 12. Due to the smaller size, typing can be an issue for some people if not all on iPhone 12 Mini, but that can be solved with time once you become used to it.

Do I Recommend iPhone 12 Mini?

Recommending depends on why you are planning to buy iPhone 12 Mini. If you are a fan of compact size smartphones, this phone is the best choice for you. Apple has already won the game for the best compact size smartphones with the Mini. Second, if you don’t care about the battery performance, you can go for it because it has everything you get in a high end smartphone. If you are a every day heavy smartphone user or do a lot of heavy stuff on a smartphone, the Mini might not be the best choice due to its smaller display and battery life.

What will be users’ reactions? How it will perform in the market? Will it be this year’s Apple’s most sold smartphone? Will Apple go for an upgrade next year? Only time can answer all these questions. We can only wait for next year’s Apple’s iPhones launch event.



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