Hyun Bin Talks About Working With Son Ye Jin, His Personality, His Script Preferences & More

Actor Hyun Bin appears on the cover of ‘Esquire Korea’ magazine for the January 2021 issue!

In a pictorial interview for men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine ‘Esquire Korea’, Hyun Bin talked about his experience of working with Son Ye Jin in ‘Crash Landing On You’, his personality, changes in his choice of script selection and more.


When asked if he matched up well with Son Ye Jin while working together in ‘Crash Landing On You’, Hyun Bin replied that ‘Crash Landing On You’ was not their first project together. They had already worked together in ‘The Negotiation’, so, according to him, he had already developed a sense of understanding with her and he felt comfortable delivering lines with her.

“Since we were comfortable with each other, we came up with ideas for almost every scene. Each of us would come to the filming site with a scene they have thought about, then we would match and make it work while rehearsing,” he said.


When asked how his preferences for scripts have changed over time, he said that after completing ‘Rampant’ which was released in 2018, he wanted to work in projects which make audiences laugh and have happy endings. “There are many different media outlets that deliver messages that make you worry. I thought I need a project that only brings laughter and make the time pass past. That’s why most of the projects I did for a while back then were like that,” he added.


Talking about making the audience laugh, Hyun Bin said it’s really hard to do the comedy scenes. According to him, you have to control yourself and make sure the audience feel the fun.

When the interviewer asked Hyun Bin if he has the childlike innocence of Ri Jung Hyuk in real life as well, he answered with a laugh, “I don’t know about being pure. But just like Ri Jeong Hyuk who is into games and when he finds something interesting, he reacts ‘Wow!’. I do have such a side.”


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