Explore Vienna On A Budget Trip: Here Are Some Important Tips To Follow

Welcome to Vienna, the capital city of Austria and one of the most picturesque cities of Europe. In this article, I will tell you how you can explore Vienna while spending the least possible amount of money, without missing out it’s parties, architectural beauty, history and its local delicacies.

Staying at Hostels – Cheapest Accommodation Option

But before starting to write about the city, I want to mention that if you are traveling solo, you can plan your stay in a hostel. is the most famous and trusted hostel booking website. I suggest you to book hostels located near the central station of the European cities as most of the tourists prefer to begin exploring the cities, starting from the central point and central stations are the dead centre of these cities. Dorms in the hostels can be booked for around 12 to 15 Euro per night. You will have to be careful about your belongings if you are staying at a hostel. You can also get private rooms in hostels for around €55 to 60 per night. The hostels have mini kitchen and there are also living areas which feature sofas and tables for sitting down to relax, eat and work comfortably. If you have leftover food, you can use microwave to heat. If you have salad and other perishable goods, you can store them in the fridge. You can also take travel tips from the hostels’ staff to get a local perspective. Although the official language here is German, almost everyone can converse in English quite easily.

Hostels are a great place for socialising. You can meet and gossip with tourists from all around the world. You can make new friends and explore the city together. Hostel night parties are held where the entry is free for the hostelers. You have to just pay for the drinks.

AirBnBs – Cheaper than Hotels

For private rooms you can use in which people rent their spare rooms to travelers in exchange for a small fee. Airbnb are generally cheaper than hotel rooms, but they come with a few compromises like you have to share the house with someone, so the washroom is often shared. But the rooms are more spacious than those of hostels. Airbnbs and hostels are much cheaper than hotels, so if you want to spend less on accommodation then hostels and Airbnbs are the best choice.

Intracity Travel Through Public Transport

Whether you are staying in a hostel or private accommodation, you will have to go out to explore. Instead of taking taxis or Uber, you should prefer public transport because the metro, bus and tram system of Vienna is truly state-of-the-art and they are well connected to all the tourist attractions in the city. One ticket is valid for an hour and allows just one direction of travel. It costs around €2.5. You can use this ticket in multiple modes of transport(Bus, metro, tram). But you cannot use it to go back on the same ticket. This is valid for only one direction of travel. If you are planning to explore Vienna for three or four days then it’s better that you go for a day pass which allows unlimited round trip journeys within the city. The day pass works on all public transport including bus, metro and tram. Single day pass costs €8, two day pass costs €15.

Vienna’s metro is one of the best in all of Europe. It’s one of the cleanest and fastest metros. The navigation is really simple. So traveling through the metro and finding your way around is really easy. There are boards and maps everywhere on each station.

Vienna’s Cheap Food Options

You get a lot of cheap food and beverage options in Vienna. Traveling so much surely does bring up hunger pangs. Luckily, the food prices here are a lot cheaper as compared to other European countries. McDonald’s famous chicken sandwich, McChicken costs 3 Euros here and unlike other countries, you get veggie options here as well. The Veg burger costs 4 Euros. You can also try several Viennese street food options while strolling across the historical markets. Billa is a great supermarket in Vienna where you get a lot of eating stuff. To save more money, you can grab your salad and other local food stuff from the supermarket and prepare your own meal using the hostel’s kitchen.

And whether it’s Vienna or any place in Austria, Turkish Shops are a great way to get the cheapest food options. They serve kebab boxes which are served with fries. These kebabs are basically the inner filling of shawarmas. These include chicken and beef. They also have vegetarian options available such as falafel box. You can get falafel sandwiches which are priced between €2 to 3. Apart from this, if you want a pizza slice, it costs €1.5.

Total Expenses for a Single Day

So as per this calculation, if you take in account the cost of lodging, food and public transport, it comes out to around €30 to 35 for a single day.

Exploring Europe isn’t always about having millions in your bank account. It just depends on a little bit of research and understanding. You can explore any European city with a budget even smaller than the one mentioned above.

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