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BTS’ V To Get The Largest Subway Birthday Advertisement In K-pop History

One of BTS’ main vocalist, V will celebrate his birthday on December 30. He is set to receive the largest subway birthday advertisement in K-pop history as a gift.

V’s largest fan club in China, Baidu Viva, announced that it will support birthday advertisements in 16,035 subway stations nationwide including Incheon, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon, including all Seoul subway lines.

V has a crazy fan following in China. This birthday advertisement will be on an unprecedented scale that makes us think how fans can go this crazy. V is called the ‘Prince of the Continent’ in China.

The advertisement will run for two weeks from December 19th to January 2nd. This period is literally the ‘golden peak season’, including the year-end and New Year holidays. The cost is also expected to be skyrocketing.

According to ‘Baidu Viha’, V’s Chinese fan club’s last year’s birthday fundraising amount was 1.2 billion won which was the highest in K-pop history. This year, it easily surpassed 1.1 billion won in 24 hours, setting the record for the highest amount of K-pop donations for the second year in a row.

In Seoul, the birthday advertisement digital posters are already visible for all routes of Lines 1 to 9, emergency guidance DID, platform screens, waiting room screens, in-train route guides. In the metropolitan area, they can be found on Gyeongui Jungang Line, Bundang Line, Suin Line, Gyeonggang Line, and Incheon Line 1 route guide machine.

At the beginning of this year, Japanese TV Tokyo news program ‘WBS’ (World Business Satellite) reported on ‘economic effects created by K-pop’, paying attention to the subway history and wrapping buses covered with V’s birthday advertisements.

This shows the power of K-pop craze around the globe. V’s fandom is also being highly appreciated for collecting donations, and using them on humanitarian purposes.

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