BLINKS React To TC Candler’s ‘Her English Is A Pity’ Remark For Jisoo

TC Candler revealed the ‘THE 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES OF 2020’ on December 28, 2020.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was ranked 50th on the list. This marked Jisoo’s second appearance on TC Candler’s ‘THE 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES’ list.

TC Candler placed a short description for each member on the list. Jisoo’s description reads, “Her English is a pity.” The fans of BLACKPINK found Jisoo’s description disrespectful and demanded an apology. #APOLOGIZETOJISOOTccandler started trending on Twitter within no time and BLINKS bashed TC Candler for disrespecting their idol.

TC Candler was quick to notice the fans’ anger and came with a justification. “If you don’t get that the Jisoo line was HER OWN JOKE… then I don’t know what to tell you. We love Jisoo… and she will like that joke. End of discussion,” it tweeted.

In another tweet, they cleared it that they are not going to apologize. “199 Silly Jokes… but they think that one was serious 🤣 We love Jisoo. We are not apologizing. She WILL love that joke. She wrote it. #tccandler #100faces,” their tweet read.

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