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How To Have Healthy Hair Like Rosé Despite Continuous Dyeing & Bleaching

Dyeing and bleaching your hair frequently can be have a negative effect, but that’s not the case with BLACKPINK’s Rosé!

It is rightly guessed that Rosé is the member who changes the most hair color in BLACKPINK. The female idol’s super-popular hair color has helped her gain a number of special fans in recent time. Even if the other three members keep their hair dark, Rosé still prefers for a different hair colour.

Although it helps Rosé’s beauty stand out more, it also partly damages the female idol’s scalp because of the frequency of bleaching and dyeing her hair too many times. It is a fact that the main vocalist of BLACKPINK bleached her hair 3 times a week. This must have done a lot of damage to her hair, causing tangles and thinning of her hair.

Whenever Rosé appears in public, her hair seems smooth and shiny. There is a secret. Rosé has always kept these three things in mind while bleaching and dyeing her hair.

According to Rosé’s stylist, she follows these three basic rules:

Rosé always dries her hair with a soft towel and in a cool temperature. Using a soft towel to gently dry your hair is a factor that helps prevent hair breakage after washing. In addition, too hot heat also makes hair dry and frizzy, so it is advisable to adjust the appropriate temperature to ensure safer hair.

According to Rosé’s stylist, due to her continuous dyeing and bleaching, her hair become very dry and prone to breakage. To restore and protect her hair better, Rosé always uses hair conditioner after washing her hair. At the same time, she uses oil before the hairstyling process so that the female idol’s hair can reduce the pressure of heat.

In one of her social media interactions, Rosé revealed she didn’t panic when her hair fall within a limit due to dyeing and bleaching. Overthinking and then panicking can lead to further hair damage.

This just proves that you can keep your hair healthy after dyeing or bleaching frequently as long as you follow the right procedure and take care of certain things. Rosé can be an inspiration for a lot who want are interested in dyeing their hair.




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