BLACKPINK Asked To Pick Between English And Korean While Rosé Talks About BLACKPINK’s Dream Project

The K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK appeared in an interview for Bloomberg Quicktake where they talked about the effect of pandemic on their work, their future plans and more.

On pandemic disturbing their promotional activities, Jisoo revealed it’s sad that they are not getting more chances to meet their fans and they are working to bring more and more amazing songs to their listeners.

In recent times, BLACKPINK has been releasing more and more English songs with Ice Cream featuring Selena Gomez being the most recent one. They were asked which language between English and Korean they prefer the most for their songs. Jennie came with a clear-cut answer to the question. “I think each Korean and English has its own charm. Rather than thinking about making more songs in certain languages, I think we use [the] more suitable one for each song,” she added.

Winding it up, Jennie said, “So, yeah. We don’t mind using any languages.”

During the interview, the media outlet asked members about their upcoming plans and any dream project that they want to work on. Rosé took the question and mentioned that they are always keen on trying new things and with time they are learning and evolving as well. “So I think that we really try to express that through our music and performances,” she added.

Talking about their dream collaborations, Rosé went on to add that they had been lucky enough to participate in some amazing collaborations and they look forward to taking part in more such fun collaborations in the future.

According to Bloomberg’s Pop Star Power Rankings, BLACKPINK is the biggest pop band in the world. They made their comeback with album, The Album along with the music video of the title track Lovesick Girls on October 2, 2020.

Watch the exclusive interview below:

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