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Apple M1 Chip Review: What Apple Claims And What It Delivers; Find Out In The Review

Apple stood to its words and came up with the M1 Macs, M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro, in 2020. Apple thinks that its new M1 chip can be a game changer in the modern world PC era. How confident Apple looked when it came forth with way too bold and arguable efficiency, performance and battery life claims. It is only a matter of time when users will actually feel the difference. We don’t know until we test them.

The Apple’s M1 chip review below is not that technical and is written with a simple approach so that it becomes easily understandable for every not that technical person.

All In One- M1 Chip:

Apple came up with the 8 core CPU, GPU, neural engine, secure enclave and even the system memory all integrated into a tiny chip known as M1 chip. It is the new compact chip completely designed and developed by Apple. Apple will now no longer be dependent on other chip developers for its MacBooks.

Thanks to M1, all the iPhones and iPads applications can now run in MacBooks that are using BigSur.

Battery Life:

Apple shared some huge battery life claims with new M1 chip. Apple just mentioned that it had doubled the battery life in new Apple silicon Macs than the previous ones without increasing the size of the battery. Well, the claims are right in most of the cases. The M1 Macs are the new battery champions. The battery can go upto 10 hours of mixed use for four days without plugging it in, as per practical experiment done by us. The battery efficiency in new Macs is tremendous. It is a huge boost for those who were wanting a greater battery life in the next generation MacBooks.

Performance Claims:

Apple didn’t hesitate to reveal big numbers such as 3.5x better CPU performance, 5x better graphics performance and even it compared the new Apple silicon Macs to have much greater performance benefits than the top windows’ PCs with self-designed graphs. As tested practicality, the new Macs with M1 chips have a higher single core GPU performance and they gave a higher Geekbench Score than the previous MacBooks which put them at the top of the list on the basis of performance boost. All the Apple’s native apps are super fast, the animations look more real and opening of high density apps such as Chrome and Lightroom take less rendering time. Everything in the new Macs seem more responsive and better. They feel more reliable while editing and exporting files on Final Cut Pro. The M1 Macs are less dependent on the cooling fans than the intel Macs while exporting files in Final Cut Pro. This is all due to a more specific integration of the system in the M1 chip.

M1 Needs Time For App Compatibility And Optimisation:

Due to Apple’s conversion from the Intel silicon, these new devices seem and to a extent feel like new generation Apple silicon devices. It is because most of the high end applications need transition. Applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Pixelmator Pro and others need to be optimised for M1 chip. It takes pretty much time to optimise these apps.

Well, Apple is running the non-optimised applications in emulation through Rosetta in M1 Macs and the experience of using these non-optimised applications isn’t bad. You face no errors and everything is just buttery smooth. But, again these applications need to be made compatible for the M1 for a far greater performance and battery life.

Everything end up super fast for the M1 with the complete transition of applications in the upcoming generations of Apple silicon Macs. Until then, as professionals and not every day Mac users, we have to wait for the next generation M1 Macs.

Final Take:

The new M1 MacBooks bring a great performance boost to the user. We can argue with proofs that the M1 Macs provide a more efficient user experience than the Intel silicon Macs. Apple has the potential to compete with Intel to develop the most powerful laptop chips. It’s just the beginning for Apple in PC chip making war and Apple has already showed up scary benchmarks for the competitors. That’s all for the Apple’s M1 chip review.



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